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Data Analytics

Smart analytics yield results. Build reports & dashboards and schedule automatic updates.

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Staff Operations

Organize internal staff divisions, and create multiple levels of hierarchy and permissions.

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Strategy + Consulting

We’re here to help! Let us architect your path to victory. On-site consultants are also available. 

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Online Fundraising

Use our donation page builder to create a customized, fully-integrated online donation portal. 

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Voter Contact

Blockwalking App, Online Surveys, Email Integration, SMS platforms, Social Media synchronization.

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Vendor & Web Integration

Visit the AppExchange or connect to your preferred vendors through our API. 

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Phone Systems

Make calls directly from the database. Collect phone call results in real-time. VOIP and Robo-dials.

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Add location to your database. Geo-spatial analysis and online or traditional walk maps.

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Events Pages

Manage events with our integrated events builder. Create ticket types, receive payment and track RSVPs.

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Introducing the
hi-tech data platform
that does it all.

From data to data-driven

The Process.

1. Database Setup

First we standardize your existing data and configure your database with all of your contacts. Your contacts includes any data files that you own that you want to be a part of the database, such as donor and voter files, as well as any existing spreadsheets with information you want to track.  

For more advanced data setups, we provide programmatic access to your organization’s information using simple, powerful, and secure application programming interfaces that include REST API, SOAP API, Chatter REST API, Bulk API, Meta Data API, Streaming API, Apex REST API, Apex SOAP API and Tooling API. Click here for more information on when to use each.

2. Add Staff

Structure your campaign or organization's staff hierarchy to meet your needs. Every campaign is different, that's why we customize your database according to YOUR preferences. We don't believe in one size fits all when it comes to your database.

Work Flow and Staff Roles depend on your internal protocol, we work with you to ensure that this process flows naturally.

3. Add Apps

We work with hundreds of applications and different companies to make sure that you campaign is firing on all cylinders.

Examples include: Marketo, Mail Chimp, Google Apps, Click n Pledge, Mail Chimp, Call Fire, Hub Spot, Inside Sales, Docusign, Cloudingo, Evernote, GeoPointe, Outlook, Exact Target, Survey Monkey, DropBox, SMS Magic

Visit the Salesforce AppExchange and find out which Apps make sense for your campaign.

4. Run Reports

Reporting in Salesforce is the most dynamic capability that is included with our platform. We will help you set up reports for every facet of your organization.

Dynamic reporting allows us to set up automated updates that we can schedule at your convenience: Daily, Weekly, Monthly...its up to you.

5. Get Out The Vote

Our platform was built off our experience running successful Get Out The Vote (GOTV) operations in races across the country. Keep track of your staff and volunteers and canvass your district with our Mobile App or with old school Pen and Paper.

We also have specialized consultants who will embed with your team for the final month or week of the campaign. A good ground game is critical to the success of any campaign - let our platform take your field work to the next level.

6. Win

The most successful data-driven campaigns augment your campaign strategy. We have helped orchestrate victories at all levels of the political spectrum.

We believe Strategy + Data + Teamwork = Success.

1. Database Setup

First we standardize your existing data and configure your database with all of your contacts. You can add up to 500 fields for each record and include any custom tags you want to capture. 

Many clients choose to track personal information, such as interests, family details or political issues, in addition to demographic information.

2. Add Staff

Structure your campaign hierarchy: top decision-makers & senior staff, junior staff, interns and volunteers.

Then determine duties: what database processes do you want automated versus manual entry?

3. Add Apps

Choose from thousands of partner Apps on the Salesforce AppExchange. Anything from marketing tools, to phone systems to email platforms, the AppExchange has it all.

4. Run Reports

Use our platform and the tags you’ve created to run detailed reports on your contacts, and select target audiences for your next outreach operation. Detailed insights help you always stay one step ahead.

5. Get Out The Vote

We’ve got all the tools you need to contact voters, all in one place! Use our fully-integrated mobile App to manage your campaign on the road or to blockwalk  door-to-door paperlessly.

6. Win

Our platform helps you run a truly modern campaign, and with our predictive analytics tools, there’s no surprises come Election Day.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the platform do?

Our platform not only houses and organizes your data, but allows you to integrate all of your organization's operations to the platform, such as online donation pages, email, phones, social media and more.

Does CFB provide data?

CFB does not provide or sell data, but we are happy to help you find a vendor. We are data agnostic, meaning we can work with any kind of data - from excel to output files.

Can I keep my existing campaign vendors?

Most likely. There are thousands of companies on our AppExchange, including well-known vendors like Mailchimp, Click n Pledge, CallFire and more.

What if I already have a Salesforce account?

Even better! We’ll work with you from the start to make sure you have the right tools for the job, and help you make your Salesforce instance campaign-friendly.

Can we hire a dedicated CFB consultant ?

Of course. While we’re always available by phone or email to help troubleshoot, we have consultants available for hire. Many clients choose to bring on a consultant during the heat of the campaign. 

What does it cost?

Pricing is contingent upon your data volume & staff size. Our pricing ramps up and down through a typical election cycle, allowing us to work within your budget during the on and off seasons of your organization.
Pricing starts at $199/month.

Powerful capability.

An example of our work

We raised our client over $250K for free.

Introducing YourCrowd, a revolutionary crowdfunding tool powered by CFB

We decided to push the boundaries of traditional online fundraising.

Built on top of our database platform, and fully integrated with your data, we created YourCrowd, an online crowdfunding tool that utilizes social media sharing and hierarchical structure to turn everyday supporters into small-dollar fundraisers for your campaign.

YourCrowd works by providing users with their own online donation page that tracks how many donations and dollars users are gathering on the campaign's behalf. One-click sharing buttons help users share their donation page with family and friends across multiple channels.

Users earn badges for a variety of accomplishments which then trigger rewards from the campaign store - mailed straight to their door - or other rewards of your choosing.

Donors can automatically become a fundraiser themselves by checking off a "join" box on the donation form, so growing the pool of users - and your data - becomes that easy.

Let CFB scope out and customize an innovative fundraising solution for your organization today. Contact us to get started and mention YourCrowd.

Get YourCrowd



The role of technology in modern politics is undeniable. Politicians are expended to dedicate nearly 10 percent ($1 billion) of their media budgets toward social media. They're doing it because it works. CFB Strategies, a leader in data management for political campaigns and non-profits, helps drive [their] campaigns and organizations...

Drew Hendricks
Inc. Magazine

I have used a number of databases previously for political organizations, and this is the best one I’ve seen to date. In addition to being incredibly responsive, the team at CFB has listened to the specific needs of our campaign and worked with us to create a great tool. Impressive technology combined with a knowledgeable, hungry for success staff is the beautiful combination. I give CFB my highest recommendation.

Annie Kelly
Campaign Manager, Latham for Congress

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